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Did Jason participate in the design of the Belmo 300 sock?

Jason was the “subject matter expert.” He shared his experience with how regular socks failed him in the past, what other professional bowlers talked about regarding socks and how they interacted with the shoe. He spent a lot of time sharing “optimal foot mechanics” with the TH Mills R&D Team. He also shared his vision on the ideal bowling sock for serious, performance minded bowlers in terms of benefits and aesthetics. He also tested numerous rounds of prototypes along the way. The final prototype (which is the product for sale on this site) was worn during the recent World Championship where he won his record braking 11th major!

Who is TH Mills?

TH Mills Inc. is a family-owned sock manufacturing company based in Statesville, North Carolina, USA sold in over 40 countries throughout the world. The technology of engineered padded socks was invented by TH Mills in 1953 and later patented. During the early years, the Company created socks specially for runners. Later we started manufacturing socks with comfortable heel padding and low-friction fibers for other activities. Since then, the company expanded its production to 32 different types of socks, specifically designed for sports like basketball, tennis and golf; and other activities like the military training and Western boots. The Belmo 300 Bowling socks now takes the count to 33 different types of socks. Learn more at THMills.com

Are the Belmo socks “green” or friendly to the environment?

Yes. Eco-friendly is a way of life at TH Mills as we take a “total systems perspective” to being environmentally responsible. This perspective has two key components: product longevity and manufacturing production practices. 

What’s the best way to wash my Belmo socks?

Perspiration and unsaturated body acids can cause deterioration of the elastic. Launder your Belmo 300 socks as soon as possible after every use. Best to wash and dry the socks turned inside out to 'fluff' the cushioning to maximize the performance qualities of the yarns.

Wash with like colors: Whites should be washed with white clothes only! Use the warm or cold water setting on your washing machine, and use permanent press or gentle cycle.

NOTE: Do not use chlorinated bleach, or laundry detergents containing chlorinated bleaching agents, as it will overtime breakdown of the elastic causing the sock to lose its elasticity resulting in a sloppy fit.

To receive full benefit of the TH Mills Belmo 300 product design, we strongly recommend using liquid fabric softener in the rinse cycle. This is vital to extend product wear. Fabric softener lubricates both the fibers and the elastic, keeping them flexible and allowing them to stretch as designed. It also helps to maintain correct sizing, stretch and durability. Fabric softener sheets in the dryer are NOT a substitute for using liquid fabric softener, although they do help to reduce static in the dryer.

Line drying is not recommended, as it can contribute to the premature breakdown of the elastic core. We advise that TH Mills be tumble dried on permanent press or low heat dryer settings. High dryer temperatures can cause shrinkage and spandex breakdown. The tumbling process in the dryer helps restore the fiber loft and 'reinvigorates' the terry padding for maximum protection.

Follow these directions and your TH Mills Belmo 300 socks will last a lifetime!

Who should I contact if I have a problem with my socks?

First, we apologize upfront as these are not ordinary socks. They have been designed for long life and high performance…not distractions or disappointment. Please contact us at CSR@THMills.com and we will do everything we can to make the situation right...quickly!