About Jason Belmonte (aka Belmo)

Hi everyone!

Thanks for taking a moment to get to know me a bit better.

I am a husband to Kimberly, father to three beautiful children (Aria, Hugo and Sylvie) all who just love to bowl. 

I have literally grown up in a bowling alley. My parents built a bowling alley when I was just a few weeks old and because of this, 'The Bowl’ became my home away from home. If i wasn’t sleeping or eating, I was bowling. I feel in love with bowling immediately, the sounds, the scent, the people, I love it all and love it more everyday. 

Now a days when I am not competing I spend most of my time at home in Orange, NSW, Australia. It’s a beautiful small town, where I was born and it’s where I will raise my children.  

As for my bowling career, I am most proud of owning a record breaking 11 PBA major championships, winning the World Cup for Australia and my role as an ambassador to the sport. I have been so fortunate to win titles on five continents and travel to over 50 countries.

Enough about me. I love my fans and enjoy connecting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please do give me follow and keep up with how things are going!

See my PBA stats here.