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Belmo Socks by TH Mills

Introducing the Belmo 300 Bowling Sock

“Every advantage matters. I have revolutionized the sport of bowling with my two handed delivery and now I want you to join me in my newest chapter with my Belmo 300 high performance bowling socks made by TH Mills with new age NanoGLIDE® technology.”

Jason Belmonte

They are really soft and love to bowl in them. They are real "comfy" and feel like a blanket around my feet.

Mikey B.

My feet feel free and comfortable …I feel like I am walking on air.

Deborah C.

I feel like I don't need my bowling shoes when I am wearing these socks.

Jane T.

Better than any other socks I've worn.

Marvin C.
Belmo 300 Crew Socks
The best bowling sock in the world.

Available in 4 Colors.
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Low Cut
Belmo 300 low cut Socks
Low Cut sock style has same performance benefits and perfect for when bowling in shorts.

Available in 4 Colors.
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Belmo 300 Bowling Socks

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